What is Copyright?

As per Wikipedia definition, "Copyright is the exclusive right given to the creator of a creative work to reproduce the work, usually for a limited time."

All works displayed on Foxteller are protected under International Copyright Laws. That includes, but is not limited to, any original content and translations.

Why are translations protected under International Copyright Laws?

Any work created solely by a given person is protected under those laws.

Translators spend their time and effort on producing translations, and they have full rights to decide what to do with their own translations.

Their only restriction, as is the restriction of any work closely derivated from another source, lays in monetization.

Therefore, without express permission from the original author, translations cannot be legally monetized under the aforementioned laws.

Currently all works displayed on Foxteller are free of charge.

What is Copyright Protection?

Copyright Protection is literally just that, an international treaty affording every Creator legal protection from any and all potential Content thieves or plagiarism.

This protection is automatic and does not require any additional steps from Creators.

Regardless, Creators can optionally choose to mark their works as Copyrighted if they so wish.

It is as simple as writing "Copyright © (by) Arthur Roland" underneath any protected Content.

While we advise to do so if you're worried about potential violators, we have also implemented automatic measures on Foxteller to additionally protect our Content Creators.

What are Content Protection Measures used on Foxteller?

Foxteller uses multiple measures to protect our Creators Content from being copied, plagiarized, or otherwise stolen.

Those measures might affect some of our users, for which we are sorry.

Please be aware that using developer tools, such as Inspect Element, or highlighting over 50 characters worth of text on any of our Content Pages will result in a temporary ban.

The ban lasts an hour, or potentially more, depending on the degree of detected transgression.

The numbers and measures mentioned in the above text might be subject to change at any time.

Using Readers on Foxteller

Currently Foxteller does not support any sort of Reader apps.

That includes in-built browser Readers, and likely any Reader you might find out there.

Readers work in the same manner as any Content Stealing Aggregators do - they rip out the content off the website to show it in a format of their own.

Be aware that using Readers on Foxteller might result in a temporary ban, or another Content Protection measure triggering.

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