About Foxteller

Foxteller is a hosting platform dedicated to Creators and Readers alike. Its features range from ease of use, through handy options, to many opportunities for growth and entertainment!

Creator Suite

As a Creator on FoxTeller, you get access to your very own exclusive dashboard from which you can manage all aspects of your creations, such as:

  • Scheduling automatic posts and releases;
  • Sharing access to your creations with your Team;
  • Keeping workflow nice and smooth with our on-site task lists;
  • Tracking all statistics, reviews and comments!

Monetize Your Content

Keep track of your earnings and control how your content is monetized! Currently we offer revenue from:

  • advertisements;
  • on-site donations;
  • tipping with FoxCoins;
  • pay-to-view features for scheduled advance chapters.

Additionally you have your own space for other ways of content monetization!

Keep in Touch

Each Creator gets their own blog, so tell your readers anything you deem important! From your amazing plans, through notifying them about a break, to announcements or just simply sharing your thoughts!

We’ll Feature You

We’ll plug your content on our social media, and help hype up any events of yours on the home page and related platforms!

Need Help?

If you’re feeling lost, you can go to our dedicated Help Center or contact us on Discord. We guarantee a reply on Help Center and there is always bound to be somebody online on Discord, who’s able to give advice or answer any questions you might have!

...and there is More to come!

We’re constantly developing new features and improving the existing ones. And most importantly, we listen to your suggestions! If you feel confident in your abilities and want to help with development - join us here!

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