Ch. 2591: Young Men, Take Up Arms and Fight (3)

Gui Jiang clearly knew Yan Di's arrogance. If Yan Di really wanted to kill Qing Jun, the devil generals present would have no chance to stop him. He would not listen to anyone. Only Satan, the Devil God, could make Yan Di have scruples.

Yan Di let out a sneer, "If it weren't for his usefulness to Lord Satan, he would have died on the first day of entering the underworld."

"You are right. He is still useful to Lord Satan. That’s why you cannot kill him." Gui Jiang followed Yan Di's words.

"Unfortunately, after giving so much time, he still hadn’t accomplished the task given to him; what's the use of such waste? Even without him, there will be other human beings to replace him. Once we have invaded the Radiance Continent, there will naturally be human beings to take over his work. He doesn't need to stay any longer, especially with his audacity." Yan Di had already decided to kill him. He was not going to let Qing Jun go this time around.

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