Ch. 020: Void

The smog had left the air only a few minutes after he entered the eastern part of town. It was probably wind magic that made the air free of the disgusting mist, which had its origin in the heavily industrialized western-district. There were people on the streets, and those people wore smiles on their faces. They were probably oblivious to the fact that people were suffering only a few minutes' worth of walking away.

Even though the lone elf had planned to stay under the radar, and get back to his room at the inn, undetected, he was still worried that his absence might have been noticed. Especially that trapper, Fang, worried him.

'Just how much does he know about me? Did Robinia let him in on my murder spree, or has he found out some of the more... Troubling things about me?'

There was probably no cause for concern, but Ash couldn't help but be exactly that. Concerned. What would people say, if they found out that he had assaulted a man, freed some slaves, and simply walked away? He didn't even know Elcrada's policy on slaves in the first place.

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