Ch. 059: Chapter 59 - Day 5, Another Interesting Day

Day 5. The last day of my first week of school! It consisted of Reading, Practical Classes or Adventure. Adventure… actually sounds fun. Back then, I hadn’t had that much opportunity to embark on Adventure classes. After all, Harmonia Academy and my previous self’s school’s educational system were different. Only the students of Basic Level 5 at my previous school were allowed to start their free adventure.

In addition, I heard that the adventure field’s types also differed per school. Some schools even had the same adventure field, due to the shortage of it. The type of monsters inside were different, too.

Back at my previous school, I believe the monsters weren’t that vicious and strong. It was a school of nobles that emphasized more on noble honor and things like that. Hunting and adventure were just means to show off. Some were quite serious about it, though.

By the way, adventure fields refer to special terrains imbued with special power, where there would be many “floors” or “sections” and where monsters would continuously spawn. Experts believed that the fields were actually located at different dimensional spaces than our worlds.

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