Ch. 060: Chapter 60 - Passing Days

Afterwards, I gradually became used to school (once more). The key difference was that, this time, school seemed to be more enjoyable than before. If I constantly had some books to read at school back when I was Reinst, this time—I’m not really carrying any book to read. Even if I were to carry some books around, the time I have to read them is basically… none?

During the break time—no, let alone break time, even during the class, I sometimes talk with Carbuncle, Iris, Luca, or even Kiri. But it’s not that I hate it at all. It was rather fun. After I was reincarnated, I managed to find another kind of “fun”, and it made me feel some kind of warmth I’ve never truly had before.

Obviously, we weren’t only playing around to pass our time. Being in special class, I really felt that our lessons were hastened. The contents of Basic Level 1 and 2 were basically cramped into our first year. So, guess what?

Naturally, we are screwed!—no, that’s not right. We were forced to study, even if we disliked studying. If not, we won’t be able to keep up. Each special class student had the risk of being “kicked” from special class and “reverted” back to regular class. And any regular class student had the chance of enrolling into special class, although I bet their age would be older than those who directly enrolled into special class at the age of 6.

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