Ch. 067: Chapter 67 - Turning Seven

After that, time seemed to move by so slowly, yet so quickly. So hectic, yet so peaceful.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened, but each and every day felt so precious and colorful, unlike the grey and suffocating world that I also saw with my very own two eyes. However, the pair of eyes I used to view these two worlds were also different. Perhaps, all I needed to do back then was to exchange the eyes I used to view the world (literally). (*°∀°)

Or perhaps I still felt that my days were colorful despite the hectic days of being a special class student due to my past life’s knowledge...

Speaking of which, I spent my time peacefully during Luca’s seventh birthday, perhaps thanks to the event that happened on his sixth birthday or due to the fact that I was together with Iris and Carbuncle too.

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