Ch. 032: Bumps in the Road

The ox-driven cart was plugging along the dirt road, making a pleasant sound whenever the many different wares that were being transported made a hop in response to an uneven part of the road. There was a plethora of different items among the wares, which were to be sold in the capital of Kanburrough, most commonly known as Roughensburg. The cart's drivers, Rick and Gayle, whose fathers, and their fathers before them, had been merchants for all of their lives, were quietly sitting in the cart, each merrily doing their own thing. There was almost not a single waking moment where they weren't either travelling or trading. Only the few days before taking to the road, after having successfully made a deal, was time spent resting and enjoying their newly-acquired fortunes.

Currently, the two merchants were transporting various, luxurious furs, high-quality booze, salt, and spices; all of which were extremely sought after by the people of the capital. The demand for booze was high in Roughensburg, mainly because of the many inns and taverns there, but also because of the many nobles who resided there. Expensive, alcoholic beverages tended to sell rather well when wealthy men with money to spare occupied the buying end of a negotiation table. And that was exactly why the two merchants specialized in exactly that. Booze. While there were many things in the back of the two merchants' cart, there were mostly fine, aged wines, whiskeys, and ales.

Rick, the one of the two brothers who excelled at arithmetics, was sitting behind the four oxen that were pulling the cart. He was calculating the estimated value of the wares which were currently in their cart. Methodically, he was arranging each quantity of items in order of which was expected to give the largest sum of money. If his calculations were correct that would be the wine, which he had estimated to be worth at least 10.000 gold coins, which was a nice sum of money. But that was to be expected of a hundred units of the highest quality of alcohol, collected from far and wide.

"Gayle, would you stop drinking the ale, you buffoon?!" Rick angrily asked his brother, who was drunkenly lying in the back of the wooden cart.

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