Ch. 169: The doll's first kiss

The doll shook and trembled. She gritted her teeth while looking down. "Hiccup..." a drop of water filled the corner of her eyes. She was blind, she did not even point at the playful boy's direction correctly. The doll being like this, being disabled since birth. She knew she would not have an easy life. But, to think that she would also lose her first kiss like this... Now, no man would ever want her.

The playful boy saw that her wounds had already started to heal. But, he regretted his action. Just now, he was afraid that he would be too late, so he hastily did that. The doll was still four and she is blind. The playful boy should be more sensitive.

The playful boy looked at the thief boy. The thief boy was fidgeting. He wondered if he came to the doll right now, he would definitely get hit like how she hit the playful boy because she thought there is only one person here with her.

The playful boy also knew what the thief boy was worried about. He gave him signals; telling him to speak up.

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