Ch. 170: The dream

Yun Yan opened his eyes. That was his memory. The memory of when he got his name, Xie Yang. Shou and Hu Zi was the one who gave him his name. "Shou, that promise..."

"What's wrong, Xie Yang?" Hu Zi was about to pick the basket when she saw Yun Yan looking blankly at the sky and muttered something.

Yun Yan had been thinking about this for some time. Hu Zi ought to know the truth about that day. "Xiao Zi, the first time we met. Actually, there is another person besides you and me at that place."

Hu Zi seemed to be busy with the fish, so she did not look Yun Yan's way. But, she said. "Yeah, it's Shou is it not?"

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