Ch. 171: Extra: Shou's Jealousy

Hu Zi's memory of Shou: Jealous white demon

This was a long time ago when Hu Zi was in her teens. She already got her purple bracelet from Shou then.

"So cool..." Hu Zi had stars in her unfocused purple eyes.

“Huh?” Shou and Hu Zi was at the heart of the Dragon Mountain. Besides them was the waterfall where Hu Zi usually practice*. Shou asked. "What is?"

"The Prime Minister of the Chu Empire!" Hu Zi listened to Hu Cheng Se's story two nights ago on her bed. "He is the youngest prime minister in Chu Empire's history! It was said that he was a poor man, an orphan since birth, but then he started to go to school. He became the number one on the Chu national exam with full marks on every subject. He was said to be a very handsome man with penetrating voice and is good at playing musical instruments like qin."

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