Ch. 181: Down the crater

In a blink of an eye, they followed the bloody red trace onto the crater. The trace stopped right on the edge of the ground. In front of them is the crater's steep slope.

"Zi..." Jin Lan looked at the incarnating crater, it is active and had magmas on it. If Hu Zi is around here, she would be steamed and killed by time. He gritted his teeth. Who harmed Zi? "Let's go down!"

“Let’s go!” Xie Yang wiped off his sweat. He only knows 'flow', he is not a wind master, his core energy’s color is green, so he is not directly affected by the heat.

They went down the crater's walls, there was a very small path that leads to the crater below. The path could only be entered by one person at a time. On Jin Lan's perspective, on his right is the cliff walls, on his left is the steep cliff that directly leads to the magma. He was in front of Xie Yang, walking steadily to ascend the crater.

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