Ch. 182: The fifth element

Xie Yang had a pale face and this also alerted Jin Lan. They hurriedly went into the right path of the fork. There were less light and it looked a bit dim in there. "What did you see?" Asked Jin Lan.

"I wish I can describe it." Xie Yang had a really dark face. This is the Chu Empire! His territory. To think a mouse had gone in and messed at his memorable Panda Mountain. He will throw the culprit into the lava and burn him! "Let's hurry!"

They sped up the pace and arrived at the end of the tunnel. There was a cliff and they could see what's below from their place. It was the end of the cave path, they saw a really enormous hall-like cave. Jin Lan looked down at the edge, his eyes widen. "This is!" Jin Lan also could not describe what he saw.

It was...

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