Ch. 187: Let’s go home

There were sounds of galloping horses heard on early morning before the sun even rose.

It was very early in the morning and Jin Lan decided that they should leave right away. The volcano just erupted, although it was just a small eruption and the only area that got affected by it was the mountain most top area. They should stay vigilant and leave before it is too late. If the mountain releases gases, Hu Zi will suffer most.

Jin Lan sat on the back while hugging Hu Zi so she won't fall. "Shifu..." Jin Lan sighed, he did not care about anything anymore right now, although her calling SHou’s name still irked him. He hugged her and placed her ear on his chest. "What is it, Xiao Zi?" he jokingly said, imitating the way Shou called her as Xiao Zi.

Hu Zi jolted a bit as she unconsciously replied. "I-I... love…” she had always wanted to say this straight to him. But, she couldn’t, even until Shou’s death, she had never uttered it on his face. “Don't go..."

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