Ch. 000: Prologue

Darkness was all that could be made out for miles upon miles. There seemed to be no end to the impenetrable obscurity that covered the strange world in the midst of which there sat a lone man, staring into what appeared to be a purple crystal ball. The man was dressed in a faded black tuxedo, which clung so closely to his body that one could easily see that his body was quite a thin one. In fact, he seemed so thin that even the most gentle breeze would blow him away. What largely contributed to his apparent fickleness was the fact that most of his limbs appeared many times longer than they would be on a regular person, making him look completely absurd; monstrous, actually.

His face, which would already have been impossible to make out due to the darkness, was further obscured by a crude, theatrical mask, which was tightly strapped to his face, almost as if it was part of his face.

The crystal ball, which he was holding, was glowing strangely in his hands. In fact, it didn’t appear to be glowing, but rather radiating darkness, which further solidified its owner’s identity as that of a monster.

Masked, as he was, one couldn’t make out what he looked like, nor which emotions were apparent on his face. However, if one were to look and listen closely, they would notice that the man was humming an imaginative tune, which he appeared to be making up on the spot.

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