Ch. 006: Chapter 6


13th day of the 12th month of the 10298th year of the Phantasian Calendar

The room was big and multiple pillars could be seen luxuriously decorated with gold and silver depictions of battle and of everyday life. At the center of the room, two Demons could be seen at the foot of a silver Throne. Xagadeth a red-skinned demon in armor and black cape, knelt in front of the throne, his Horde Lord was trying to convince the Master to give him another chance. Because he really did fail, multiple times. He couldn’t take the Dwermer Kingdom, because it was impossible! Those half mongrel water demons possessed magic and technology surpassing everything the Demon Fist army possessed. Xagadeth cursed the Phantasian Empress in his heart once more if she didn’t enter her defensive sleep and lock all the technology of the empire under the Prometheus Seal by doing so, his army would have taken the Dwermer.

*It was as if we were stone-throwing savages fighting against armored and better-armed knight squads.* Xagadeth lamented.

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