Ch. 008: Chapter 8

Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park

State of Washington, Newcastle

20 minutes later

Donovan looked ahead of himself as the landscape flew by, they slalomed past the trees at a phenomenal speed. He looked behind him, hearing his new team member sing a song while driving. Her voice was a beautiful soprano, her song was about driving with friends and seeing other places. Dawn was aware that Elissa's voice wasn't normal and it had a siren-like quality, she guessed that it wasn't magic but a superpower. The Asian girl was really impressed by the power and brutality of Elissa, her new friend seemed like a good person, funny and not judgemental. In fact, she had a certain laissez-faire attitude that attracted Dawn. The young girl decided to focus on something else, she looked at her CLO and willed a hologram of the map of the woods they were in. It appeared and now she knew where they are. A wildland park named cougar mountain who is known for its fauna, panoramic views, and hiking trails. There were a lot of elevated terrains, Dawn noticed. The pillar of light seemed to come from the east toward somewhere called Far Country Falls.

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