Ch. 003: The Salesman

It was cold. There was really no other words to describe the feeling of lying on one’s back in the infinite, spine-chilling darkness, which the young elf found himself in. Because infinite it was, or at least unrestricted, for as long as one’s eye could reach, there was naught but blackness. Darker than the gloomiest of polar nights was the inside of the hellish space that had become Ash’s dream world; the space which had become a personification of the dark flame within his blazing heart.

The young elf opened his tired eyes. It was strange, feeling tired in a dream. Once again, he became a little wavering in his otherwise cemented conviction of the space’s nature as a dream world.

“Oh, but this place is very real. You would do well to remember that, mr. Tsuga,” whispered a seemingly omnipresent voice from within covers of darkness.

Ash’s body froze. Even though he knew the creature wasn’t real, he couldn’t help but to be unnerved at its limitless knowledge of his feelings. The emotions he tried so hard to hide during every waking second of his dull life. The being even knew his last name, even though he had never shared it with anyone.

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