Ch. 040: The Day Fish Saw Fire

Ash was sitting on his bed in the captain’s quarters. On the floor, next to him stood a bucket which he had prepared in case he got seasick. It was his first time on a ship, so he had, in accordance with his own predictions, thrown up a lot during the night. But, he hadn’t been planning to sleep anyway. With the hectic day to think of, resting his eyes was hardly a realistic prospect.

Shedding his sheets, the young elf decided to get out of bed.

The cabin was lit only by a single candle on a desk that stood a few feet from the room’s back wall, which made the whole process of getting shoes on very hard. Thinking it was better—or well, less complicated—to just not put on his shoes, Ash decided to head to the deck.

He was no longer in Roughensburg. Him and his now very large horde of the dead had been ‘lent’ five ships by the state of Kanburrough, and now found themselves in a port town called Hafenburg, located only fifteen minutes’ brisk match from the capital.

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