Ch. 013: Chapter 13

Tesla Academy

1:15 PM

Hugh Vinson walked in the corridor connecting the club rooms to the staff’s, he was aware that what he has been doing was bad but couldn’t care less. Even though the selling of the data collected in Tesla Academy had consequences in the outside world. A lot of villains have become rather apt at containing or overpowering the recruits of the supergroups who have been scouted from the academy. The sandy blonde haired man wanted money; so selling info to another student or criminals and villains didn’t make him stop, in fact, it made him redouble his efforts to sell more. Hugh began to whistle a tune, he passed one of the gynoids in a dark blue maid uniform that acted as the duty staff in the academy, it was cleaning the corridor with a blue hand push automatic sweeper. They looked human but the two antennas on the top of their head showed that they were not. The maid had long blue and purple hair, with blue eyes and looked like a young woman of Asian descent. If Hugh remembered correctly, it was the VESPER model caretaker built by Tesla Industries. He seriously thought about buying the companion model for… experimentation.

The examiner passed the gynoid after smiling at it and didn’t pay her any mind, but when he felt a hand closing around his biceps he turned to see the maid holding onto him.

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