Ch. 037: To the Citadel

The sun was rising behind Kanburrough’s massive capital, Roughensburg. Its many spires reflected the burning globe’s radiant light with their windows, which were like glowing crystals on the horizon. The scene could easily be described as serene, but anyone present would agree that there had to be a more fitting term that truly emphasized the allure of the mild, yet powerful, rays of the sun.

This view was unfortunately only for the eyes of a single, motley-looking crew of priests and adventurers, who had gathered outside the gates of the city. The two massive doors, that made up the entrance to Kanburrough’s capital, were wide agape, revealing a good ten people who had come to welcome the group outside.

“Welcome, priests and adventurers. I, Alexander De Vere, the people’s voice, would like to extend to you the thanks of every righteous man, woman, and child within our great country’s borders”—the nobleman bowed before the men and women he were addressing—“they thank you for saving their fellow countrymen, when evil had come knocking on their doors.”

The middle-aged man, who had welcomed the group, was wearing an odd, gray and blue dress-like article of clothing, coupled with a pair of equally odd-looking pants that seemed many times too big for his legs, that, compared to those of his guests, looked extremely flimsy and devoid of much muscle. His bloated corpus sported a strange, yellow color, suggesting he had undergone a kidney transplant at least once in his lifetime.

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