Ch. 039: Banquet

Ash was staring at the big soldier, who Zennereth had wordlessly challenged to a one-on-one duel. The young elf nodded to his servant, allowing the fight while he, himself, could work on dispatching the lackeys one by one.

“Fight well, my servant. Don’t let me down!” he shouted, before throwing himself into the nearest soldier, knife in hand.

It didn’t take many seconds for the young elf to wrap his legs around the guard, who was a lot shorter than Ash. Hanging from the short man’s chest, the young elf stabbed him multiple times in the abdomen, using the knife which’s blade was too short to efficiently pierce the man’s armor.

The man grabbed the fierce, young elf and slammed him into the ground, prompting the elf to fire a Negative Surge in his face, immediately blasting the short man’s soul out of his body.

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