Ch. 042: A Village in the Woods

“Don’t manhandle the cargo!” Zennereth shouted to the countless walking corpses, that were carrying various foodstuffs; mostly salted fish and hams, alcohol of different sorts, and the bodies of those who could work no longer.

While the lich was directing the minions, Ash was staring at the frozen land they’d cast anchor by. It wasn’t anything beautiful, like the scenery Evitagen had shown him, but it was entrancing in other ways. The glittering snow on the ground, and the snow-covered forest in the distance, were both extremely beautiful in their own strange way.

“I’m gonna go explore for a bit, servant. Get a fire going while I’m gone, okay?”

“Master, wait—” the lich began but it was too late. Ash had already started running toward the white forest.

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