Ch. 043: Black Fruits

“This again, huh. It’s been a while.”

Ash’s consciousness was drifting through the vast, empty void. There was no specific destination in his mind; he had decided to let the dark currents take him to whatever place they had planned for him. Long since had he realized that the shadows did indeed have thoughts, ideas—plans, for him, specifically.

Slowly, the black flame, which served as the elf’s bodiless avatar, drifted toward a place where the darkness did something Ash hadn’t thought possible. It thinned out—gave way to lighter shades of black—gradually becoming more like regular, bleak shadows. The kind of shadows you might find in a dark wine cellar or in a poor, lightless neighborhood.

Like a leaf being carried by a current of rainwater, the young elf’s flame was carried through the dark, which now seemed completely normal—warm, almost, when compared to what laid behind Ash.

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