Ch. 044: Birds of Prey

Birds were flying low over the calm sea, grazing the surface with their white wings. They were flying in packs of five, in perfect formation, and had a clear hierarchy in each group. The largest male would fly ahead of the pack, each consisting of at least one other male and the rest being females.

One bird, however, was flying alone, and it was clear why.

Gray feathers clung loosely to its old body and wings, which spanned twice as long as the other males. Massive talons were attached to each of its battle-scarred feet and sharp intelligent eyes sat on each side of its majestic head. But its most noticeable feature was its long black beak, which was cracked at the tip. A dense, red mist was leaking out from the cracked beak, and forming a trail behind it.

There could be no doubt as to the status of the bird; it was the alpha, and none dared contest its might, let alone approach it.

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