Ch. 054: Delayed Shock

“Hitomi, aren't you mad? Uh, why are you so close?” (Ling)

Ling asked blushing slightly while not daring to look Hitomi in the eye. He was fully prepared to be thrown out. Instead, he was given more attention. He was very confused!

Ling is afraid of not having the chance to understand what Hitomi is thinking. Hitomi raised her head to look at Ling when he gently asked her those questions. While thinking about what he had said earlier, someone knocked on the door behind them interrupting Hitomi’s thoughts. ‘It should be that Lolicon, right?’ Hitomi thought, while attempting to raise herself up from Ling. Obviously, such a weak loli must be arousing, is she trying to kill him?

Thinking ‘Hmph,’ Hitomi was finally able to lever herself out of Ling’s lap. She skips to the door to look out of the peephole. The Lolicon is finally back. Opening the door, her eyes widen as sees him standing there with more than ten bags in both of his large hands. For a few moments, Hitomi feels powerless.

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