Ch. 049: Khaya

Sweat was running down his back in veritable streams. It wasn’t even like he was wearing particularly warm clothes. The sun, and the taxing task of running around all day were simply taking their toll on his body in the form of hot sweat that made his stained, white shirt cling to his body, like a newborn goblin on its mother’s back.

The young elf had been told to be back before sundown, so the sun setting behind him was making his already ragged breath even more so. The fear of what might happen to him, should he return too late for his mistress’s liking, had kept him vigilant all day.

He turned a corner and found himself in a completely lightless alley.

It had never been necessary to hang up lanterns in the lower levels of Frostborg, except on the main streets, because most of the civilians hung around the upper levels of town. For that reason—the fact that it was already incredibly unusual for there to be anyone on the lower levels—the raven-haired elf was a bit startled to feel that he wasn’t alone.

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