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Yuo yue4 years ago
Oh i thought it is a FREE story never thought u need ro purchase shards to continue reading! Sooooo dissappointng!!
KlanCain4 years ago
It is a free story. You just have to wait a few more days. The pre-release is for the rest of us that don't mind paying a few cents to read it earlier.
Lilpriestess4 years ago
It is free, the release is I think one or two chapters a week or something. Not quite sure how many chapters etc- I mean I’m spoiled that many books come out with at least a chapter a day but. Hey I’m willing to wait for this one. I come back like once a month binge read and then wait another month. I know. Lol.
Ganjz4 years ago
You get 2 chapters a week for free, it was upgraded from the 1 chapter per week. The unreleased chapters would be released in a week's time, so you can support the translation or wait for the chapter release.
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