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FoxReader123798 months ago
Genuinely kind of embarrassing how much the author is telling on themselves with this weird insecure misogyny in the worldbuilding and narrative progression. Like, this man is a worthless dumpster fire. He colluded with the emperor to terrorize, humiliate (we're not pretending Ao Yun had a better attitude towards the other women) and repeatedly murder innocent women who did nothing to him. But it's clear this won't be a material obstacle in their romance, that she won't bat much of an eye and we're supposed to be thrilled by how ~special she will turn out to be. He's literally just a version of the pervert prince (that only only the characters but the narrative shamed women for being attacked by) that skips straight to violence. like, if you as a woman have no problem with your husband murdering a bunch of innocent, helpless girls for the inconvenience offered to him by another man, coupled with the writing where every other woman in the world is either a cartoonishly poorly written evil villain or her sidekick, you (the character) and honestly you (the author) come off as desperately insecure and frantic to be Not Like The Other Girls in your fantasy world. Like, it gives secondhand cringe.
LarkaFell3 years ago
Yep same here a bit slow considering that the chapter are quite short. But I live and patience is a virtue.
elvie0615913 years ago
Yeah.. 1week to wait for two chapters ??
Fannymaggie3 years ago
I'm enjoying this novel but the releasing time is too far
Fannymaggie3 years ago
I'm enjoying this novel but the releasing time is too far
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