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Sora1 year ago
Thanks for explaining things!
Solo1 year ago
Oh haha, no problem =)
Oram1 year ago
I quite like how the map was drawn. I already know how the japanese honorifics work, I just came here to see the map and satisfy my love for reading maps and satisfied i was, I really like how the trees were done and how the author sprinkled some weird places and ruins throughout the map and there is even a dragon, a pretty cool my map from my prospective.I also create maps but that's another story. Now lam gonna go on to the story.
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for coming here, Oram! Yeah, it's interesting, isn't it? And I've left out naming the spots that aren't in the story yet so that there won't be spoilers, so even places that are unnamed may come into the story at a later date too!
Oram1 year ago
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