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IEpicness1 year ago
okay, so about his thoughts on the year long mission, what kind of ending are we expecting? does he leave everyone? does he stay with everyone? or does he take everyone with him? or is it an open ending? i dont mind a spoiler.
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, IEpicness! I personally have no problems outright telling people what happens, but this is not the place for it as people who don't want to be spoiled may see it. Dm me in Discord and I'll answer whatever questions you have on the story!
LeonhartYukikaze2 years ago
So i just made an account on this site, for the sole purpose of commenting about this chapter and the way the author trew that story. First of all thanks for the translation and great work. Secondly, while i have many complains, i still like that so far it's been avoiding cliches very well... Read more But sorry i can't take it anymore... First he got rid of the guns... wich where the main reason that got me there... Then he fell for the freaking big boobed elf... a cliche i really thought the author had done away with you know...I REALLY HOPPED IT WOULDN'T COME DOWN TO IT... And then he just freaking trew away the party the mc had... and now he's hinting at shitty harem? that's about doing it for me... i might just drop this average isekai.... For once that there was an isekai where mc's first encounter wasn't a busty elf/girl but a good bro.... for ONCE THAT THE MC WAS IN A PARTY WITH A PROPER RATIO OF MALE TO FEMALE... MOREVER WHERE THE FEMALES DIDN'T FOAM OVER HIM.....and for once the mc wasn't op but rather had to train up... Nope, the author just trew everything out the window to make it into an utter piece of trash generic isekai. I just feel like trowing up... it's 4 am, i spent the last 4 hours reading this.... and it turns out to be going down hill into utter deception... i don't know how to feel... but i need to let out that utter disgust and rage... so yeah, there you have it. Once again, great translation, thanks for the hard work...And i know there are more chapters already out, maybe the story's level whent back up on leveled ground after this...but right now i just lost all motivation and taste... i didn't feel as let down as when i learned that "Tales of the reincarnated lord" was shut down because of trashy chinese censorship... so for now... good day/night... Show less
LeonhartYukikaze2 years ago
yeeks, sorry for that... looks like internet went bad on me ahah...
Solo2 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, LeonhartYukikaze! Well, I suggest reading till the end of what's available. This author like to subvert expectations and oh I want so bad to let you know how but it would spoil everything. Let's say, there's a twist for every single point that you had brought up in the future. One of which is just a few chapters ahead. I hope you see this and do pick it up again as frankly this novel really only starts after volume 1 ends. The entire volume 1 was spent setting up stuff for the future. Read more
Izmil2 years ago
So will Souya get a harem at the end...?
Solo2 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Izmil! Well, I won't lie, this is definitely a harem novel.
Chebron2 years ago
A rather delicious chapter, I must say.
Solo2 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Foxreader4007! ( ◠‿◠ )
marine1corps2 years ago
I was not expecting that but it was an interesting story point. Although I am slightly against human/long lived relationships and just slightly prejudice against elves in general, I look forward to the political aspect this can bring to the story.
Solo2 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, marine1corps! I can't comment too much about the future plot but I'll mention that the short-lived/long-lived relationship dynamic doesn't really come into play because the story will end in a year anyways.
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