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OguriKyousuke1 month ago
And I wonder how they actually pronounce Souya's name. As far as my limited Japanese goes it's just wordplay on how the Jap write long vowels but Sooya? I assume it's Soo as in those Korean names? Because reading it as Su:ya in English just make no sense at all.
Solo1 month ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, OguriKyousuke! You mean the "wrong" pronunciation? Yeah you got it, it's Sooya. In reality, Soo and Sou is only very slightly different in sound using Japanese pronounication.
Solo1 month ago
to clarify, the Soo I mentioned is pronounced the same as "so" in english, just drag it longer a smidgeon.
OguriKyousuke1 month ago
So I'd assume that bigmerry is from the future but then why smallmerry followed Souya? Because he too knows something or is it just because he sensed himself?
Solo1 month ago
Well, read on~
chaoskider3 months ago
Big Gunmerry is strangely solf with Souya! Sus? Something smell fishy
Solo3 months ago
Thanks for unlocking, reading and commenting, chaoskider! Yeah, there's definitely stuff he isn't saying. He knows too much for a person Souya has never met
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