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Jean Telmo Saucedo Arriola4 weeks ago
It has nothing to do with the events of the chapter, but, in the new group of Souya's sister, of the members that make it up there are 2 that really catch my attention, the first is the blonde swordsman girl with short hair with eyes blue, apart from the fact that he came directly to Souya because of a certain admiration towards him, there is the fact that those with his hair color characteristics and others, according to what they said had something to do with a noble origin from Elysium, in other words the lineage of the beast, I had the suspicion that in reality she may be Irving Gasim's sister and that she may have been able to flee thanks to the help of the hero Kyus, Souya may have asked him for a favor, the other member is the beautiful knight who seems to have a face profile that seems familiar to Souya, according to my suspicion she should be Senovia, the reason for the suspicion is that she watches over those who have the blood of the noble nobility of Elysium, in everything case, if I were to yes, I'm happy that Irving's sister is safe and also that Senovia is back on the scene, thanks for the translation Solo!
Solo4 weeks ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Jean Telmo Saucedo Arriola! Well, that's certainly an interesting theory. Interestingly, you'll find out more about your line of thought in the next volume~
dadamori4 weeks ago
Doesn't mean Souya can't avenge him should his king fail to defeat the first hero
Solo4 weeks ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, dadamori! Yeah, but that would mean the death of His Majesty, which Souya doesn't want...
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