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FoxReader105511 week ago
Souya's playing dark souls 1st phase>trash mobs 2nd phase>prince Read more 3rd phase>beast It's like slave knight Gael Even tho Souya over lvled he still gets trashed on.also the title,let's just hope the drawback on using wild hunt is in the minimum. Thanks for the translation~ Show less
Solo1 week ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, FoxReader10551! Yeah, it's a very well-built boss battle, isn't it? Well, read on~ Read more
Ntuzzzmutz1 week ago
Thx for translation solo
Solo1 week ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Ntuzzzmutz! (^ ^)
kantaratza1 month ago
What a king of beast without fang and claw or maybe some nightmare . But I bet on the biting , {Rip and Tear}.
Solo1 month ago
Thanks for unlocking, reading and commenting, kantaratza! Is that a Doomguy reference?
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