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Jean Telmo Saucedo Arriola3 days ago
Among other things, knowing that this author usually writes between the lines, something caught my attention, according to the story of Misurranika in the forgotten, what was implied is that she did not stand out especially in beauty, at least they never emphasized it , the only one who would have implied that would be the first noble husband she had in the country of vampires, but Souya himself said all the time that his goddess was extremely beautiful, the suspicions I have here is because of something Misurranika mentioned about the fact that you can't change someone's race and made it clear that he knew a lot about that, well, in the end, he changed Maria's race, right? (or at least that's what I understood)
Solo3 days ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Jean Telmo Saucedo Arriola! You've found a very big hint I've avoided talking about hehe. One day, I will bring up Misuranika's appearance. One day, far into the future. =) Not all we know, and even Maria herself knows, about her is correct. I'll just say that for now. Read more
Jean Telmo Saucedo Arriola3 days ago
As they said in other comments, the woman with black hair who negotiated with Grizuna, is very likely to be an AI, as I remember in the illusion projected by the magistrate, Izora was a girl with black hair, here is a young and slender woman of black hair, taking into account the more adult appearance and how Makina imagined herself, it is very likely that it is her, here the biggest doubt I have is the following: why did the magistrate physically resemble Misurranika?, even this probable "Makina "He also bears a physical resemblance to Misurranika, all this considering that as far as is known, Misurranica is not originally from the abyss, he may have obtained abilities from there, but they never said anything about the appearance changing by making a pact with that god of the abyss, There is also the fact that Maria is identical to Misurranika, which I understood to be because she is the daughter of the goddess, at this point it is almost certain that the power that Maria has to open portals it is a blessing from Grizzly from the abyss.
Solo3 days ago
Like I said above, I can't talk about this topic at the moment (^ ^)
SecondhandFrag3 days ago
Well, now we know the fate of his original squad.
Solo3 days ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, SecondhandFrag! Yeah, it's been a long wait, but we finally do indeed.
Ntuzzzmutz3 days ago
Solo3 days ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Ntuzzzmutz! You have no idea how many comments identical to that are in the Japanese comments. His Majesty is much loved.
Ntuzzzmutz3 days ago
First LARS and his majesty...if the next one is Misuranika-sama then.... 😢
FoxReader105513 days ago
I wanna know,my brain just went confused.exe My brain is telling me 1.he's recalling a memory that's buried deep Read more 2. The events in Grizunas's domain happened at the same time before he woke up in the plain and his fight with the prince Srsly why is my brain made it more complicated. But man your thoughts on him having periods of missing memories had me think he's probably even been moving around right before waking up alone in the plain right from the start Show less
Solo3 days ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, FoxReader10551! I'm confused.exe too haha. To be clear, the whole thing with Grizunas is "during" chapter 001, his memory of it was simply taken away. And that's what I was referring to when I mentioned Souya having missing memories. Read more
OguriKyousuke3 days ago
There goes the first team members. Poor souls didn't even have a chance to grasp what's going on. But abyss god eh. And the A.I.s are abyss beings. So they are precisely Grizunas' offshoots that lost their divinity huh. No wonder why Izora could penetrate the dream created by the magistrates. Was that her too that negotiated with the god in Souya's behalf. That part is time travel related so I don't know anymore.
Solo3 days ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, OguriKyousuke! Those are interesting thoughts! But yeah, the first team members had no chance. And since they trusted their own abilities, they didn't succumb to praying for help...
dadamori3 days ago
So after the kaiju battle he summons a god, this fight just went from climax to climax
Solo3 days ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, dadamori! And isn't it just great?!
DavyDrones1 month ago
Things are starting to make "sence" i guess??? Maybe? lol who am i kidding. I am more confused than ever. God & and Godess? gosh Thanks for the chapter
Solo1 month ago
Thanks for unlocking, reading and commenting, DavyDrones! Haha, yeah, it's such a complex plot.
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