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Ch. 265: So, Gather Round, Ye Animals IV
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Nightmarekiller1 week ago
In all honestly, I suspected that much, it would be crazy to start over and I have to admit that actually that might be the best way. Looking forward to it
Solo1 week ago
(^ ^)
Nightmarekiller2 weeks ago
Unbelievable , it's been 2 months since I last read it and the impact was huge. Is like someone press the reset button, everything was gone and now he is living an "alternative" life. Also with that sickness he has, not to mention that there is still not clear mention of how long it pass since his battle with the First Prince. So unbelievable but still when his god said that every bond can start as new, he might have a chance to get back with them, only with great differences though. Is he going to be loved like before ? will he manage to find all the people he have met ? Who is gone for good and who stayed ? This feels like a remake and it started at the bottom again, wonder how many volumes the author will release ? the same number of volumes to reach until this point ? Sometimes I wish he is just living a cursed dream right now and that if he broke out of it everything will return to normal.
Solo2 weeks ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Nightmarekiller! Yeah, he really hit rock bottom and has to restart everything. By the way, the story is completed already. Vol 13 will be the last and the story will end after 2 very long side-stories after that. Sounds like we're near the end, but we aren't at all, cuz the volumes are so long now. Read more
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