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Melicans1 month ago
The only significant beastkin left I can think of is Regure, so I wonder if she is the leader of the Alliance. But that then raises the question of why she wanted Lanseal... unless it was maybe to protect her? Do beastkin count age differently than normal? If Shigure is about one year old but it's been about 8 months since the loss of bonds, then maybe Tutu is counting his age from conception since she apparently knew when it happened? That also raises the question of why Lanseal's pregnancy was so much longer too (or was that already mentioned and I just forgot the reason why)? Wait, if Shigure is already 7 by beastkin count does that mean that beastkin age rapidly and die significantly younger than hemus do? Is Tutu's illness because she's dying of age? God I hope not, I love her character. Read more
Solo1 month ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Melicans! Well, all I can say on~ Haha, the story is finished already, so most of the answers are ahead Read more
Melicans1 month ago
Forgot to say, I love Shigure's low-key jealousy/rivalry with Haruka. It's like he can sense they're half-siblings and is jealous she is stealing Souya's attention from him.
Solo1 month ago
Yeah, it's a good touch. They are a child after all
FoxReader105519 months ago
Bebeh just started calling Shigure and Tyutyu onii/onee-chan and mama. Even with their bonds gone that's still gonna be a tell that Tyutyu and Lanseal got pregnant by the same guy.even if its rather hard to prove someone might be able to make a connection *ahem* DNA matching *ahem*, IF the AIs are equipped with it after all they're already unhinged. Can't wait for the next chap,tnx Solo!
Solo9 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, FoxReader10551! Haha, it's the innocence of children and the lack of a need to make things make sense that circumvents the curse this time. Well, remember back in vol2? Souya's DNA was changed after using his powers, so I'm not sure how accurate DNA will be as he used a ton of powers and even became horned after that final battle... Read more
FoxReader105519 months ago
Oh crap totally forgot about that
dadamori9 months ago
Oh gods she can tell who her dad is. All that's left is to rescue the main wife, find the other sister, Maria and regain his memory. No biggie. That's the umpenteenth time that Ash/Souya has declined to be authority
Solo9 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, dadamori! Yeah, no biggie lol. And yeah, he's still the same as ever. Read more
DavyDrones10 months ago
Thanks for the chapter. Soooo he finally met his kids huh
Solo10 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, DavyDrones! Yeah, but he has no it's kinda bittersweet
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