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thuannghia122 months ago
This last prince certainly feels like Souya isn't he, pulling money outta nowhere like he has a 4D pocket and "reviving" Khius, who is for all intents and purposes, confirmed dead by the world. Wait that means only Arcane and Nanassy is around to fend off those locusts kek
Solo2 months ago
Thanks for thuannghia12! Well, he's not actually pulling out of thin air like Souya, it's just a turn of phrase. The implication is that it wasn't the new Vindoobunikuru army that looted Elysium, but the last prince who did so. That is a very Souya plan though.
Jean Telmo Saucedo Arriola2 months ago
The only lame person I remember is Souya and the father of the adventurers (both alive) but I don't know if it would be them. All the conspiracy that happens in this couple of chapters seems to be the work of a follower of the God of misdeeds, another important point is that it seems that the ninth prince seems to have some teleportation power (although it may just be people's exaggerations... .). Finally, who is the prince? It may be the son of Maria (a mystery who would be the father), it may also be the father of the adventurers using some spell to change the appearance, even Souya himself (although that is unknown because we do not know when Souya returned to this world), even the prince, it can be Maria herself using some spell to change her appearance (even race) temporarily or forever (this is the craziest theory I can think of). Thanks for the translation! Read more
Solo2 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Jean Telmo Saucedo Arriola! It's lame as in "aleijado", a person who cannot walk properly because an injury or illness has damaged one of their legs. And don't forget that he has the ability to make copies of himself. But yeah, who the prince is a great mystery.
FoxReader105512 months ago
Sometimes brute forcing doesn't work but this definitely didn't. Damn Shuna. I also really wanna know what made Durandal do what he had to,I'm only speculating but the last prince probably convinced or showed Regure that it won't end to what they wanted it after Elysium's fall. Because there's no freaking way Regure just got off'd like that. She probably even pleaded Durandal into doing this and if he does he'll have to be prepared. Read more Also Lola is fighting against a King difficulty AI in HoMM III,since those AIs tend to send fodder heroes to whittle down you're army before you could even make a move on their main army or towns. Thanks for the translation Solo Show less
Solo2 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, FoxReader10551! You'll find out the reason for Regure's death soon-ish.
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