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Foxteller69691 week ago
i never thought of it as one big Planet of the Apes reference, but i see it now. all along the way, i was thinking this was a lot like the Star Ocean games, and a bit of Runequest(tabletop RPG which also inspired retro game King of Dragon Pass).
Solo6 days ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Foxteller6969! (^ ^)
TehSoma5s1 week ago
Thank you for gifting us this spectacular little marvel. It's been a treat to pick this up after the manga (rather unfortunately) was canceled. One thing I have a question about O storyteller, is what happened to Misuranika. To a certain degree I understand she trapped the First prince in a nightmare, but does she "exist" after her stunt with saving Souya from Nazarissa? As a god or some other being.
Solo1 week ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, TehSoma5s! Well...a certain black god gave a hungry future saintress a divine revelation...and that hungry one has mentioned a black cat telling her stuff when she was I'm guessing that's what happened to Misuranika-sama, sorta dead but still there.
FoxReader105511 week ago
I'm going to bark at the wrong tree and just guess,Stencil is Souya from the future and gave his eye to Souya on their encounter. With how his body is battered and beaten and been always near death's door,Grizunas probably had a hand in this. I mean Makina got her body but it's as flimsy,and a sudden appearance of the last prince that nobody knows about only 'lame' as they called him feels like it's Souya. Well this is just me on who Stencil is, but there's a lot of theory crafting for this Read more Thank you for translating this novel Solo it's a really wild ride, can't wait for the sequel to come!! Show less
Solo1 week ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, FoxReader10551! That's an interesting theory. I'm hoping more will be revealed in the sequel...There's really too little info about Stencil. Read more
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