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BoomerGeezer8 months ago
Got er done, Solo. I’ll stick through March 22 for sure.
Solo8 months ago
Thank you so much for becoming my patron! It really helps!
BoomerGeezer8 months ago
Yeah, “Totally...didn’t sell” was a great ending punch line, but the Foreshadowing of “the dish that wouldn’t die” was equally hilarious. Took me back to “Dinosaurs” Michael Jacobs/Jim Hensen/Walt Disney Production on ABC 91-94 Season 2 Episode 7 “When Food Goes Bad.” “General Chow” and the Left Overs Revolution. Read more Solo, doesn’t work for me to commit to even a $2 monthly patron gig—reasons— but it’s the first of the month for us retired geezers, how can I send you a one shot $10 spot? Probably obvious but I’m boomer tech challenged. Show less
Solo8 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, BoomerGeezer! Oh wow, that's one heck of a reference. As for the patron thing, thank you very much wanting to help out. Hmm, online being what it is, I typically just ask people to sign up patron for 1 month and then cancel it and the end of the month for one-time donations. It's secure and you do get the "goodies" as thanks. If that's not possible, then I'll just accept the thought and I'm still very grateful to you for reading. Read more
SecondhandFrag1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter.
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, SecondhandFrag! ʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔ
Le Salt1 year ago
Lovecraftian food, eh? I wonder what problem they’re going to end up feeding to it.
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Le Salt! Well, read on~~
BoomerGeezer8 months ago
“lovecraftian food”, NICE!
Lynkir1 year ago
eh.....ehhh "THAT" was still alive!! >insert gavin face here< thx for the chap...tho pretty sure at the end "that" will be the last boss :V
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Lynkir! ( ◠‿◠ )
Ifunckinglovethisweb1 year ago
Thank you very much translating this series until this point.
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading this series until this point and commenting, Ifunckinglovethisweb! (^ ^)
Izmil1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting as usual, Izmil! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
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