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Ch. 071: At The End Of The Adventure… I
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DavyDrones1 day ago
Thanks for the chapter. So many things in the people's legends from this realm are totally mistaken.I am baffled.They don't know their own history??Gosh 1st is the spider legend.It is totally not what they think it is Read more 2nd is the power of Medimu and his fake tittle of the "Father of adveturers" 3rd Lola...... Show less
Solo1 day ago
Thanks for unlocking, reading and commenting, DavyDrones! It's because they don't have wikipedia. lol. Joking aside, because everything is passed by word of mouth(as many cannot read in this world), it becomes like the telephone game, where it becomes further and further from the truth the more it spreads. Read more
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