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Yodathethinker1 year ago
So the dark elf is likely cute Thanks for the chapter
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Yodathethinker! Well, presumely so, since she looks just like Misuranika
Khang1 year ago
Thanks for chaper
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Khang! ʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔ
Lynkir1 year ago
Ah sorry yea i confuse me too :V anywho My really long theroy short Our foreigner transfer to this world malfunction or tampering? at the start might of somehow messed with time and sent the other explorers in his team somewhere in time rather than a place as to why there are no traces of them(yet?) also might sorta explain how he saw the girl before Lola! nabbed her and the drone plugin port in lola's hideout. Read more Read more Not really looking for confirmation if is or is not so as simply looking foward to the next chapter. see this is what ya get when your mind starts theroy crafting while playing any of the games kojima made. ah the skull face cipher conundrum......!!! (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ As for the Who Dat?? i cannot for the life of me remember the name of the girl lola Nabbed from otou-san party was got so weird almost started calling her Jane doe's understudy at one point .........mostly felt too lazy to recap through past chaps to find out . Show less
Solo1 year ago
Ah, I see. Well, for the other team members, you'll have to read on to find out. The girl nabbed from Otou-san's party is called Alma. Read more Though I still don't understand what you mean by the seeing her before getting nabbed by Lola part haha. No one saw Lola other than Souya and the nobleman, both times it's because the person seeing her is too weak. Her skin makes her invisible to the strong only. They found Alma's staff in Lola's graveyard so presumely, she's dead Show less
Izmil1 year ago
thanks for the chapter
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting as usual, Izmil! (∩ᄑ_ᄑ)⊃━☆゚*・。*・:≡( ε:)
Lynkir1 year ago
Thx for chap As usual Time seems to distort in a weird way speaking of which Soyua looks to be in a similar situation as the Dark elf Read more was woundering if it was a vision when He saw the girl (>insert name here< (clear sign when suffer from a (◉.◉?)WHO Dat !!! moment )from Otou-san party when they were young now it doesn't seem to be so but him moving through time and catching glimpses of the past and aswell his missing exploration party members though the transfer > gate <? may have split them through the past or perhaps the future ? Show less
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Lynkir! lost me lol
Le Salt1 year ago
Her name is Lyrical Maria? Oh great, so now she’s not only a child of fate who’s probably a broken off fragment of Misranika, now some foreigners have raised her into a magical girl?! ...When’s the transformation sequence? Read more
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Le Salt! Haha, it's meant to be similar but different to Lyridias. The front part is the same after all. But frankly, I never noticed how much it sounded like "Lyrical" lmao
DavyDrones1 year ago
Thank you for the chapter. So many revalations.I can't wait to start the next chapter.Lets gooo
Solo1 year ago
Thank you for unlocking, reading and commenting, DavyDrones! ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶
Stimmy1 year ago
And Thanks!
Solo1 year ago
Stimmy1 year ago
I'm still kinda on the fence if Souya is still wearing a cloak of her mothers skin. Which I am not really liking tbh
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, FoxReader6924! Yeah, even Souya said it. That reading the note that explained that fact was unpleasant.
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for unlocking, reading and commenting, Edoc'sil! Not much is revealed at the moment though. But here is what Souya knows at the moment. I stress again, it's what Souya knows at the moment: King of Hemu: Ra・Varuzu・Duin・Gargantua Read more King of Beasts(Who is actually the King of Hemu after drinking the blood, and this is his real name): Ra・Guzuri・Duin・Oruosuouru St. Lyridias(also known as SIlent Duin of Vindoobunikuru/daughter of the above King): Ri・Lyridias・Kerustain・Duin・Oruosuouru The author doesn't ever explain it, but here's my thoughts on the long names. Ra/Ri at the start is gender, male/female. Then first name / last name + last name In Lemuria, the Oru is sorta like von, as in John von Neumann, and people who have killed an evil title have one name added before their last name. Lemuria・Oru・Almagest・Razva. His first name is Lemuria(so weird he named his country after his first name, isn't it? hehe). Almagest is related to the evil title he killed, and Razva, the name he shares with the barkeeper is his last name. Show less
Edoc'sil1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter. I need a family tree of the old kings, can you make one? The long name in this isekai novel is really confusing, and hard to remember. Because of that, I always forgot the history connection between the characters. Read more It’s really hard to digest the origin of maria in this chapter. Show less
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