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Bamboozled1 week ago
I like him!
Solo1 week ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Bamboozled! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
Eld1 week ago
Thanks for the chapter! Noel needs to curb his viciousness if he wants to build a guild that will last. Absolute strength and strategy only do so much, it is the human heart that brings people together especially in the hero-like profession of Seekers. Basically this guy needs to chill and build an image of a strong, trustworthy, capable man. Ruthlessness will only lead to false trust.
Solo1 week ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Eld! Well, it's a tough world that he's in and he unfortunately is a class that people generally look down upon so he needs to be unconventional. And, he's young after all. Besides....... hehe well I can only say to keep reading on!
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