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Dwarf Legend1 week ago
isn't he suppose to looking for loophole in job and skill, maybe with him becaming EX job something will change, or searching for loophole at the skill he can use to Buff himself of find alternative to attack even if he is Buffer job, just likes wire and Silver gun, to became stronger. i didn't expect him to say " I'll became the strongest by having strongest to obey me" i know here he became realistic but that's just unexpected for me. Read more
Solo1 week ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Dwarf Legend! Well, as a Talker, even if he reaches EX Rank, he'll never win in a one-on-one with anyone else of the same Rank. The differences in modifiers is too great. While everyone gets boosts to strength and agility, he doesn't get any. So he has to face that fact sooner or later
AzaThom321 week ago
Definitely the rise after the fall and the reaffirmation of his belief is crucial in the character development as he finds strong talented actors that he could meddle with... up to now there were only mediocre ones. On the many skills of Kouga IMHO for now is fruit of Flashes repeated in the 12 years of Arena... or a little help from there but not all from books
Solo1 week ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, AzaThom32! Yeah, this is a big point in his character development where he stops feeling jealous of others' strength
Archisorte2 weeks ago
Isn't Kouga slightly too op considering he didn't have formal sword training in his childhood? His personality is also kinda odd for someone who had been fighting for 12 years in the arena. This character is inconsistent and has too much plot armor in my opinion.
Solo2 weeks ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Archisorte! Well, he did spend his entire childhood as a gladiator, so he must have learnt stuff here and there. And his full character isn't shown here yet. More and more of it will be revealed later.
HoodWeeb1 month ago
Thanks for the capter Solo chwaan!! Also another reason added to why I fw this novel. The little monologue noel had and what he comes to really hyped me up and I cant wait to read more!😁
Solo1 month ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, HoodWeeb! Yeah, I really hope the manga does that scene as epically as possible XD
Manu1 month ago
Solo1 month ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Manu! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡
Gylsera2 months ago
Thanks for the translation!!! Ok, i think i will commit gae :) (Just joiking tho) Read more
Solo2 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Gylsera! ∑d(°∀°d)
Goncourt3 months ago
Petal attack I was thinking bleach.
Solo3 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Goncourt! You're thinking of Byakuya, I bet =)
Syavoir5 months ago
I totally thought that still water skill is called Nagi in original. That was the closest I can imagine anyway.
Solo5 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Syavoir! (^ ^)
NotNow5 months ago
Although I'm not really a fan of the weak leader types, I quite like this novel.
Solo5 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, NotNow! Glad to hear that!
SVL5 months ago
Yes!!! Kouga didn't die. But i didn't expect him to this much power enough to take alma tho. Also loved the inner monologue of noel. Read more I don't know how noel going to kill albert with his current power but im looking forward to it. Anyway thanks for the chapter. Show less
Solo5 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, SVL! Don't worry about repeated comments, just leave them be and I'll delete them. =) That monologue is nice isn't it? It's where he finally throws away his envy for others having better Jobs than him Read more
Raysuke7 months ago
No way. Even I got a guy who I really I'm admired, I will NEVER EVER to swing to that way to such extend., like WTF.
Solo7 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Raysuke! Well, it's not just someone he admires though... Imagine being a slave your whole life, then you meet someone who you do admire, that treats you not as a slave but scolds you for your sake, for not killing him because you'll get punished or killed...
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