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KnightIcy1 month ago
Sick clan name 🔥. Thank you for the chapter
Solo1 month ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, KnightIcy! (^ ^)
Moshimoshi3 months ago
Wild Tempest is a good name. Thanks for the chapter!
Solo3 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Moshimoshi! I think so too!
Pan_da6 months ago
it's just, is Leon actually kinda alter of Noel? even their names are just a reversal'-' while I'm not seriously thinking, it's just made me wonder. anyway, thanks for the chapter^^
Solo6 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Pan_da! Haha, that's something that happened by chance in English. The characters in Japanese aren't the same, so it isn't reversed in Japanese. However, his personality is a kinda the opposite of Noel's so it was a happy coincidence. XD
inea7 months ago
now i wonder when will Hugo joined the clan ( ̄︶ ̄)
Solo7 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, inea! Yeah, author is really drawing out Hugo's recruitment, isn't he?
Dwarf Legend8 months ago
finally they on startline... i though kaim is already mad in the head but it's not... he is the best buddy and brother till the end
Solo8 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Dwarf Legend! Yeah. I really like characters like Kaim. Awkward good guys
AzaThom328 months ago
Good name even if the reverse between the two would be too much of a giveaway... well a letdown again of so called strong ones (Edward, Ophelia -but given the name...-Kaim).... Looks like the right place for Bluffers! Only side note: if the whole party objective is to make the leader shine, and they clearly state that, why is it that they let themselves down when jealousy is mentioned? The only one who make sense (after his own PoV) is the wolfman... but if he doesn’t want to cross path with Noel shouldn’t get away from the little witch? Read more
Solo8 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, AzaThom32! Well he hadn't realized that she was aiming to surpass Noel before he joined. And it's not really the objective of the party to make the leader shine. It just turned out that way for the Sky Winged Knights because the leader is too outstanding compared to the others. And the pressure they were under was because they knew that they didn't matter at all to Leon's success, he would have been just as successful even if his allies weren't them. Read more
Vullord6668 months ago
Don't mention Lancer to me. I can't take him (or anything fate related) seriously after watching Carnival Phantasm. Aw man its too late. Now I'm stuck watching clips of Lancer dying over and over again and laughing my ass off. How will you take responsibility when I lose precious hours of my life rewatching every episode... twice (okay probably four times at least)?!!
Solo8 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Vullord666! But that's the best part of his character! Haha, I loved Carnival Phantasm too. Laughed so hard
ajikoko9 months ago
Rimuru I thought it was gonna be "Winged Demon Serpent" or something. Bit disappointed you know. Read more
Solo9 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, ajikoko (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃
Oram9 months ago
i also though of lancer when kaim was intruduced and as i read on every time kaim was on scene lancer came into mind and then they showed his design and i was like wait that's proto cu (the same guy as lancer but when he was younger and more wild, lancer's name cu chulainn so for sort cu)
Solo9 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Oram! Lancer is too iconic haha. And don't worry about double comments, I'll delete the extra comments
HoodWeeb9 months ago
What a tear jerking chapter even though i didn't because im just different im sure some yall did. Also I like how the author kept egging me on to find out the name of the clan that I started reading faster although its not what I expected I really like it! Thanks for the chapter Solo chwaan.
Solo9 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, HoodWeeb! I think most people didn't expect it cuz of the author's naming sense haha. Kaim~~ Read more
FeliciaLorainne9 months ago
Rimuru with tempest and noel with more wilder tempest lol
Solo9 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, FeliciaLorainne! Haha, yeah. In the author's defense, he wrote this well before Noel's character design came out XD
Owloid10 months ago
Kaim’s “good luck” is where I teared up. That rough personality really got me.
Solo10 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Owloid! Yeah, such a true bro moment. Killed my tear ducts.
Gylsera10 months ago
Thanks for the translation!!! At this point im convinced that noel is gae. From the talk of "the heart of a man" and "manliness" there's a chance he's gae Read more (Just a joke tho, but maybe...) Show less
Solo10 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Gylsera! Haha, I think he's prob not, but I believe the author is deliberately making this a running joke throughout the story
Ouroboros10 months ago
I was off the mark... Oh well atleast we have a awesome ass name like Wild Tempest.
Solo10 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Ouroboros! You were close for the Jap name by guessing serpent though. =)
Eym Jr.10 months ago
Awesome Clan name! WILD TEMPEST!
Solo10 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Eym Jr.! I definitely agree!
ZeroX110 months ago
Just want to say a big thank you cause i am really enjoying this novel!!
Solo10 months ago
And a big thank you as well for reading and commenting, ZeroX1! I'm really glad to hear that you're enjoying it!
methuzellah10 months ago
Sir did you have the image of the clan that noel create if sir have the picture can share with us its doesnt matter when the future the picture of that art can be change by the comic but by that time we hame the memory of nice in the past that we already read this amazing novel Read more
Solo10 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, methuzellah! There isn't a group photo if that's what you want. But I have posted the character design for Leon and many others on my discord server, so you can come take a look if you're interested! =)
Banesephy11 months ago
Waaaaaaaaaah! When I randomly picked this up on mangadex earlier today, I had no idea that I would find such an awesome novel and devour 45 chapters in one sitting! This is too awesome Solo! Thank you so much! Seriously, with all that's happened in the story so far, I cant wait too see the drawn panels for the manga in the future. Thanks for your work on both mediums! Much love from the Philippines!
Solo11 months ago
Thank you for reading and commenting, Banesephy! Glad to hear that you're enjoying it. (^ ^) And yeah, I can't wait for more manga too. And day...anime... Read more
Eym Jr.10 months ago
Yah! Thanks Solo. (from the Philippines) 😅😅
FoxReader66631 year ago
Logging in for the first time to tell you that I love you Solo. I feel like this novel could be animated in the future. And the scene where Noel threatened Edgar was really cool. The way Noel put stress on his threats through repetition how do I say it, it feels really Western, but it came through just that much better for it. Cool read. I like it.
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading, logging in and commenting, FoxReader6663! Glad to hear that you are enjoying it! It would be great if it gets animated, we can only hope! Yeah, Noel as a MC is really a breath of fresh air because of how different he is, I feel. Read more
xion11 months ago
my dumbass thought that when kaim attacked, it was edgar and I was so confused . then when I re-read i realized and it all made sense also thx for translating this chap ^^
xion11 months ago
wait this was supposed to be a comment not a reply
Solo11 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, xion! XD If it happens again, you can just recomment, I can help delete the old one haha.
Maybe1 year ago
I thought the new clan name was gonna be Jormungandr :( so disappointing. Good work as always Solo!
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Maybe! That's a pretty good name! But not the author's style haha
Daime171 year ago
So how will they be called Wild Tempest or Storm Winged Snake?
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Daime17! Wild Tempest. As per usual in this novel, what's in the brackets are the kanji and are there to let you have an idea of what's the meaning behind it, but I ultimately use what the author has designated as the official reading, which is Wild Tempest. Read more
SVL1 year ago
I didn't hate kaim from the start. I can understand him for what he did. Even at the end he still supportive as a brother for leon. With this i can say he's a good guy. Also i don't understand for what reason leon joined Noel's party. I get that SWK is everything to him and Noel saying that he should continue being a seeker for leaving a Mark of SWK and it's glory. But that doesn't necessarily mean he should join Noel's clan tho. This is where i lost. Read more Anyway thanks for the chapter. Show less
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, SVL! Yeah, he doesn't necessarily have to, but he has no friends, and he recognizes Noel's talent, so he doesn't have much options if that's what he wants to achieve
NotNow1 year ago
It still feels a little unrealistic
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, NotNow! Yeah, like I said, it caused quite a stir.
Pnimt1 year ago
Sky Snakes rule! Damn, author missed out on some prime meme referencing. So much lost potential.
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Pnimt! ( ^ω^ )
Asfiru1 year ago
Leon is the most relatable character for me, this kind of plot makes me wonder about should we abandon friendship for reaching the top? Another question is: is friendship blind ourself on reality? Hahahaha
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Asfiru! Yeah, that's deep. And that's really the theme of the Sky Winged Knights, isn't it? Were they blinded by their bonds? Would they not have fallen into such a state if they hadn't been blinded? Read more And yeah, Leon is a pretty popular character, especially after the many events in the next arc! XD Show less
XpointCalibur1 year ago
Thanks for this chapter! Always looked at Leon as the dense-type main character, but with this chapter I see him in a new light now. I also thought that Kaim and Leon was gonna have a one on one talk but that exchange was even better than what I imagined! Read more
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, XpointCalibur! Yup, I loved that it wasn't a simple talk and both of them forgiving each other. This way is much better lol!
bakarinu1 year ago
Argh, wanted this novel to get anime adaptation. Thank you for the translation. I was planning to drop this novel because the first 3rd chapter is very boring but i know that is part of the "world building" of this novel. So i force my self to read it because i have a feeling this one would be a good read. And yeah, I'm right.
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, bakarinu! And thanks for sticking it out! For some reason, the novels I translate are all slow starters...... Manga + LN coming, so hopefully they'll do well and it'll get an anime! Read more
Silver Ink1 year ago
I've just found out that when you read 'Noel' in backwards you've got 'Leon' COINCIDENCE. I think not. Read more
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Silver Ink! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
ArvOs1 year ago
Is Noel gonna recruit a healer in the future?
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, ArvOs! Normally I don't answer plot questions, since they usually spoil the story, but this one has already been revealed, sort of, back in the Dantalion fight, so...... Leon is the Healer... I know, so weird, Leon has so many roles, he's a Healer/Tank/Burst lmao. Read more
ShadeLights1 year ago
So a Paladin? He could probably go beyond that if he becomes EX
RainyBunny1 year ago
Thanks so much for the chapter, brightened my day to notice it was available.
Solo1 year ago
Thank you for reading and commenting, RainyBunny! A new chapter comes out every 4 days! I know that schedule is a bit weird but I'm so glad to hear that you're enjoying the novel!
Izmil1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Izmil! (ᵔᴥᵔ)
Nightcrowz1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter Onward to the next arc....
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting again, Nightcrowz! ( ^ω^ )
ilyr the puppeter1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter... i think Noel read about a certain slime isekai to get that name (winged snake = dragon) because of a certain dragon named tempest. Will the next arc be finaly about hugo the puppetmaster? And will mary be the postgirl of the clan?
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting as always, Ilyr! I can't say too much about the plot but you'll find out in a few chapters what this arc is about. Mary will also appear in 48 lol. Like how u linked it to slime tensei! Read more
ilyr the puppeter1 year ago
yay moaaarr mary please >w<
ilyr the puppeter1 year ago
she is definitely the final boss that came from the abyss and is spying our tsuntsun MC.
Rakoon1 year ago
Pretty good chapter as always, I wonder when the puppeteer will join the clan aswell. Thanks for the chapter!
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Rakoon! Unlike the previous arc, we'll find out what the next arc is about fairly early, so stay tuned!
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