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kirindas4 years ago
Thanks for the mass release!
BigBoss4 years ago
Ohhh i was late on reading but thanks for this chapter! And looks like a typical cat fight event for the heroine has arrived!
Asyuka4 years ago
thank you for the mass release!!!! :D
kathmath4 years ago
Thank you for the chapters<33
rooislangwtf4 years ago
Thanks for the festival
FoxReader2614 years ago
Thank for translet... Finaly is here... Who that girl....! I want to see more there date.. Read more
fernandes274 years ago
Thank you for the mass release :))) I was confused for a second that the website is different. I wish Hasumi the best of luck XD Read more
Naoriel4 years ago
Is the reading experience better in this site? Or do you prefer the other? Our Hasumi will definitely win that dense Rinka one day!! Yes!! We must believe in him!!
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