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Boogie8131 year ago
Good Chapter.
Ryou1 year ago
Yuto is so precious xD
BigBoss1 year ago
Looks like Hasumi is doing it right... Compliments only makes her blush but teasing takes her attention. Thanks for this chapter!
Naoriel1 year ago
Lol he is doing it right....hopefully! xD Thanks for reading!!
FoxReader2611 year ago
What good chapter, thank u
Naoriel1 year ago
Thanks you for reading!! >\\\\\\\<
Asyuka1 year ago
thank you for the update!
Naoriel1 year ago
Thank you for reading and commenting!! +.+
kirindas1 year ago
Thanks for the new chapter!
Naoriel1 year ago
Thanks for reading!! (^0^)/♡
rooislangwtf1 year ago
Naoriel1 year ago
Thanks for reading! <3
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