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BigBoss11 months ago
NOOOO! My RinkaXMiku ship! Although i knew its bound to sink but i still hope the author has some devilish plot twist! Even the translator doing some prank extra would satisfy me. Anyways thanks for this chapter!
Naoriel11 months ago
It will never sink!!! >.< Them getting a boyfriend in the future will never get on the way of their love!!! xD But, a prank? Hmmmm
Ai1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter!
Naoriel11 months ago
Thanks for reading! (^3^)/
Asyuka1 year ago
miku x rinka ftw!!!
Naoriel11 months ago
Hell YEAH!!!! xD
rooislangwtf1 year ago
Naoriel11 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting!! (*^*)/
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