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Secret sama7 months ago
Thanks you for translation, your is only hope for me to read this novel, I can't understand another website translation. I wait for you dear Naoriel
Kodenir11 months ago
Thank you for translating as many chapters as you could. I hope you are fine wherever you are Naoriel <3
SieraKnightwalker1 year ago
You're amazing!!! Ugh. This novel is so much fun!! Thank you for this chapter!
Leinca1 year ago
Thank you for translating this novel, i really enjoy your writing and the pace of this novel.
FoxReader51152 years ago
Thank you for chapters.. Ive read all of it and love it... Hope for more chapter (๑>‿<๑)
FoxReader46952 years ago
Thaaaaaank yooooooouuu
Naoriel2 years ago
Thanks for reading! ^.^
rooislangwtf2 years ago
Naoriel2 years ago
Thanks for still following this novel!! U(Q.Q)u
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