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ggiza1 year ago
Obrigada pelo capítulo 😍❤️😍 aqui no Brasil também tem alguns 👋👋👋
Madel1 year ago
There are so many fans of SL and NL here in the Philippines! :-)
JazmineGwapa1 year ago
Trueee 🤣🤣🤣
HappyDangoDay1 year ago
I also saw the anime and its really unfortunate that it doesn't portray SL and NL correctly. It'd be alot more enjoyable if it showed how crafty and two faced they are.
eknight1 year ago
Love how smart Su Luo. I really like how she is both vicious and sweet at the same time. Kind and Evil and always get her pay back. Just love it... Thank you for translating this story.
Maria Chequita1 year ago
Im just so happy to not be the only one commenting, bless you.
MoonWhisperer1 year ago
We are happy to hear you loving this novel. Thank you for your support :) Please join our Discord server for more fun~
Denise1 year ago
Thank you, I love this story. I saw the anime, I liked it. But the story is more beautiful. I am Brazilian, and unfortunately there are not many fans here.
MoonWhisperer1 year ago
You might find someone in our Discord server... :) We don't bite~
Wu Xie1 year ago
Tbm sou Brasileira e amo essa história.. Ainda n vi o anime e gostaria muito de pode ver
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